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3 Random Musings…

October 19, 2016

I have 3 random things I would like to share from my week😊.


My language helper taught me how to make this local red lentil soup yesterday that many of us really enjoy. I have made it so often this past year and I still have not been able to replicate the restaurant version, despite the recipes I found online. It turns out I was missing 2 essential ingredients: tons of oil and tomato paste.  When my son tasted it, he said, “Wow, it tastes just like the restaurant!” Yay!!!  img_0545


On the weekends, my husband and I have been putting our coffee, a little sugar, milk, and coconut oil in the blender for about 30 seconds. The result is this amazing frothy concoction. This makes my coffee feel like such a treat! I LOVE IT. I confess, some days like today, I do this on the weekday too😁. img_0542


This year we discovered that we could rent Kindle books through our library back home! This has been a major game changer for our family (and yes, I wish I had figured this out 2 years ago). The kids read one or more hours per day as part of their homeschooling, so they often ask me to find them new books to read. Our new library card has been such a blessing!

I reserved this book a month ago and it conveniently became available a week before my husband takes a (work) trip to France. img_0539 I have two take-aways from this book that I would like to share:

  •  The author, Sarah Mae, says, I heard someone say once that if you don’t figure out your identity in your twenties you are likely to have a midlife crisis in your fifties. I thought this was really interesting because I have been pondering this these past 2 years, even before I read her book. I know when my husband and I were in our 20’s, God really did a refining and healing in us that was absolutely foundational for where we are now. So my encouragement to all of my friends in their 20’s, don’t lose heart! God has a purpose for all of your pain and wrestling with Him.😘
  • Another great quote to ponder from the author, Our stories aren’t just for us-they are for those who are hurting and are in need of hope. We get to partner with God in being light-bearers for His kingdom. So true! It’s amazing how our testimonies can be used to encourage those around us, especially our painful ones. Recently, a sweet young friend blogged about a random encounter she had sharing her testimony in a check out line at Walmart. This friend has been through the fire these past 2 years and she is shining so beautifully because she pressed into God for her strength. Her boldness brought a total stranger to tears. You can read about it here if you want some more encouragement!

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