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37 things I am thankful for…

December 10, 2015

My birthday is this month. When I was talking to a sweet friend in her mid-20’s she asked, “How does it feel to be so old?!” Haha, it was so funny! Later I thought about her question some more. The truth is, I don’t feel old at all! (My husband says that only old people say this…😜)

I love my life and I am so grateful for these 37 years that the good Lord has given me. To celebrate this milestone, I have decided to write a list of 37 things that I am thankful for (these will be written in random order)…

  1. Jesus- He is my Savior and Lord and I am so grateful for my relationship with Him.
  2. My husband- He is loving, smart, funny, handsome and a talented guy. There is no one else I would ever want to do life with!
  3. My first son- He is smart, organized, and a hard worker!
  4. My second son- He is creative, smart, and very thoughtful!
  5. My third son- He is smart, a budding linguist, and is very easy going!
  6. My first daughter- She is smart, sweet, and so loving!
  7. My second daughter- She keeps us laughing all day and is spunky and bright!
  8. Supportive and loving extended family
  9. Wonderful friends around the world who love and care for us
  10. Living in this great city- City life can be quite fun and convenient
  11. A nice, warm apartment
  12. Food to fill our bellies
  13. Our dryer- This is a very unusual thing to have in this nation
  14. Computers and Internet- It’s an amazing thing…
  15. FaceTime and Skype that helps us stay connected in an amazing way
  16. Amazon- It allows us to read books and watch movies (IN ENGLISH) instantly
  17. Our friends who come over two nights a week to share a meal with us (this also means that I don’t have to cook 2 nights a week)
  18. Two small grocery stores across the street
  19. Homeschooling
  20. Inexpensive, fresh, tasty, produce and bread
  21. My husband’s new hobby of cooking on the weekends!
  22. A large, pretty, fake Christmas tree
  23. A nice keyboard to play
  24. Electricity, hot water, and a refrigerator (I realized this is no small thing after speaking to a friend who lives without these things in SE Asia).
  25. Our panini press- This was a recent gift from my mother-in-law and it has changed our kitchen. It makes sandwiches so much more tasty!
  26. Our homeschool coop- We have friends, gym class, chorus, and great fun!
  27. Amazing shopping malls that have things like Starbucks and Shake Shack;)
  28. Two bathrooms with western toilets!
  29. Health
  30. Comfy furniture and beds
  31. TV- makes movie nights much easier;)
  32. Pre-cooked bacon, it may sound kinda gross to those who have bacon readily available, but is a great treat for us!
  33. Korean food- I love it so much
  34. Our legs- We walk a lot to get around. It amazes me that even our 2.5 year old has recently been able to take 20 minute walks without getting tired
  35. Airplanes that make travel possible
  36. Children that are old enough to do chores well
  37. An awesome group of friends who live within a five minute walk of our apartment😊

Wow, actually writing out 37 things kinda makes me feel old because that took longer than I thought.

Here is a random pic that goes along with #30. This is how our kids mattresses were delivered to our apartment:



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