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5 things I am thankful for…

October 26, 2016

I woke up this morning already exhausted, not sleepy…just exhausted. My husband has been on an 11 day work trip. He comes back tomorrow! Yippee! I miss him so much, so I cannot wait for his return. He texted me this morning and I dramatically texted him back saying that I was planning to watch movies all day and forget about everything else. But then the kids needed food, help with school work, the floors needed to be vacuumed, the sink was full of dishes, and I quickly accepted that I had to actually do stuff today.

Despite how my day began, it was a quite productive today (and I didn’t actually end up watching one movie). God gave me the grace to plug away and (eventually) overcome my attitude. So I am going to write a list of 5 things I am thankful for to end this day:

1. My family- My husband is awesome and I have 5 great kiddos. The kids were quite good and helpful to me while the hubs has been away. They convinced me to take a break from cooking and go out to eat one afternoon. We have not eaten out in about 2 months since we have been trying to adapt to a mostly gluten free diet (for health purposes). Don’t worry, none of us ate the wrap that came with our meal.img_0579

2. Sweet friends…A friend came over yesterday to hang out with the kids so that I could go shopping and get out. Thanks so much Leah! You are such a blessing! I saw this cat while shopping…Cats own this place.img_0584

3. Kindle Books that keep me company. I have read about 7 books these past 2 weeks. These are two that I really enjoyed: A Designer Bag At The Garbage Dump (by Jackie Macgirvin) and Gifted Hands (by Ben Carson).

A Designer Bag At The Garbage Dump is a story about a materialistic woman who is never fully content no matter how much stuff she has. But then, God encounters her and opens her eyes and heart to the extreme poverty in India. It was definitely a thought and heart provoking read.

Gifted Hands was also great book! Ben Carson is a brilliant man. Something that struck me about the book was the power of a loving mother. His mother was a constant encouragement in his life and she incessantly drilled into his mind and heart that he was smart and that he would become something great. I pray that I will be this kind of mother and that my kids will always know that with God all things are possible in their lives…even becoming a brain surgeon😉.iftd4697

4. Simple pleasures– I made peppermint hot chocolate tonight with peppermint essential oil and it was a big hit! My kids and I love mint!img_0588

5. Gluten-Free recipes on the internet! I have never thought being Gluten-Free would be possible for myself or our family, but we have actually been doing it and by the grace of God, it has been doable! I found this recipe online for Double Chocolate Chip GF cookies, so I made them with my daughter and they were delicious! They are not healthy at all, but for a special treat, they were great!img_0565

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    October 29, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    She looks so sweet 🙂 and also… I really can’t believe you guys literally did not eat the lavash.

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