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A faithful man

August 31, 2016


My husband turned 40 this past month!

Today I peeked into our bedroom and saw him reading his Bible and praying and this verse popped into my head, “Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?” (Proverbs 20:6)

My husband is a faithful man.

I love hearing him preach and lead worship. But I know that one reason why I love to hear him preach and lead worship is because he is the same man on stage as he is at home. He loves the Lord, loves me, loves the children, loves those around him, and I am so grateful.


He is obedient to the Lord and leads our family accordingly. This summer was a tumultuous time for our host nation. We carefully followed the news while we were back in the states this summer and honestly, the news was daunting. I was very discouraged. But my husband continually encouraged me to remember that the Lord invited us to return here, perhaps “…for such a time as this…” (Esther 4:14)

I am thankful for my husband’s leadership, courage, faithfulness, and obedience.

When I was 22, my husband, C,  began pursuing me. Because of past disappointments, I immediately began struggling with this strong fear of being hurt if I entered the relationship. One day my good friend, Jane, was praying for me and while she prayed, this picture came to me. In the picture, I was standing next to C and I saw this huge hand come down from heaven. In God’s hand was my heart and He gave it to C. In that moment, I felt the fear lift from me and I was flooded with peace.

I am reminded of this mental picture today. There were many days this summer when my emotions took over and I questioned God’s and C’s leadership over our lives. And at the end of those days, I felt the Lord prodding me, “Stop…and trust C.” I am so thankful that I have a husband who is trustworthy of all things, including my heart.

May you be richly blessed this year and every year of your life, my love! Happy 40th!



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