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A new coffee lover’s public repentance

January 24, 2017

Our first two years overseas, my husband and I began drinking instant coffee every day. Our true coffee friends would always urge us to try the real stuff at home, but the instant coffee variety was so cheap and easy to make.

Well, this year, for healthier living, my husband and I began making pour over coffee. I chose the pour over version simply because a french press and aeropress look too annoying to clean (we don’t have a dish washer).  Also, my sister gave me $3 pour over before we moved.

And then our friends convinced us to move beyond Starbucks and introduced us to the local coffee shops around our neighborhood…and now, I am hooked! (It does help that coffee is cheaper here than in America).

Recently our coffee lover friend convinced me to try using a gooseneck kettle to make our pour overs. In the past, I was seriously skeptical and quite judgmental that a kettle would make such a difference in brewing coffee…and now, I must publicly repent, because I have seen the light…it really does make a difference in the flow!

I have not bought a gooseneck kettle yet, but who knows what the future might hold? Should I just embrace this new life? 😝


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