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Black Out

January 8, 2017

Recently, due to bad weather, our city had a city wide black out. To my understanding, depending on which part of the city you live in determined how long the black out lasted. My language teacher said her power was out for about 4 hours. Unfortunately for us, our power was out for about a day and a half.

It was doable and it was honestly a good reminder to be thankful for things like…lighting, heat, hot water, a working refrigerator and freezer. I am also thankful that our gas stove worked because the lights went out while my husband was cooking dinner, but he was able to finish cooking with the help of our son’s nifty head lamp and our iPhone flashlights.

I am thankful for friends who came over and made it more fun for the family.  Also, for Christmas, friends gave our girls these pretty green and purple lights as a gift. They certainly came in handy to brighten the mood!

(If you can’t tell, they are playing card games 😜)

Another thing I am super grateful for are candles. I am not a candle person, even though I always try to be…but I like to keep a stash of candles in case of emergencies like this. (Which is a good reminder to myself that I really need to restock our candle supply because they got many hours of use during this black out).

Oh well, we made it.

Some items in the fridge didn’t make it…but we all made it!


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