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City Life- Part 1

March 29, 2015

I grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and my husband grew up in New York City. He was that middle school and high school kid who rode the subways and public buses…to school! I have never enjoyed the hustle and bustle of big cities. In fact, when we lived in NJ and my husband would suggest that we visit NYC, I would always cringe. I never thought that I was a city girl, but here I am, raising my 5 kids in a city with about 14 million people. God is so funny, isn’t He?

We strategically rented our apartment in a location where we can essentially walk everywhere we need to go. We take the random subway or bus ride when we have to travel somewhere out of the ordinary. We live on the third floor of our little building and there is no elevator.

Before we moved, I never thought I could live anywhere with so many steps. I was worried about the kids getting tired, us getting tired, and carrying things UP those stairs. I expressed my concern to a friend before we moved and she said that her father-in-law lived in a 5th floor apartment most of his life in Chinatown until he was about 92 years old! She encouraged me by saying that she thought that his health flourished because of those stairs! Wow.

After we moved, my friend’s father came to mind every time I wanted to complain about how hard it was to go up the steps. Now I love our steps because it forces us to get exercise. I have also noticed that the kids never complain about the steps. All of the boys help us carry our many groceries and the stroller up to our apartment.

Surprisingly, I actually love city life! It is so convenient to be able to run down to the bakery on our street and be back in our apartment 10 minutes later with hot chocolate bread. I love being able to walk to the small corner grocery when I forget something from my weekly grocery trip. My husband is thrilled to not have cars to maintain. We have really grown to appreciate and enjoy our new home…grass and fresh air are over-rated anyway, right? 😉


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