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Farewell J and D…

February 19, 2017

We have yet another going away party to attend tonight.

Did I mention before how difficult sometimes going away parties can be?

It is so necessary to celebrate dear friends when they move, but it is also hard to attend a party that is mingled with sadness, knowing that tears will inevitably be shed by the end of the gathering.

But something I am so grateful for is that God has given us such quality friends that tears are worth being shed when we say good-bye. J and D are wonderful friends who have lived near us most of our time overseas.


They are friends who happily befriended our kids and have genuinely loved each person in our family.

They encouraged me to hang in there when I wanted to give up on language learning and cheered me on when I actually say something correctly!

J generously painted me beautiful water color art when I was finally ready to hang some stuff up in our apartment and settle in (this took me about 2 years to feel ready to do😜).

D (and some other guys) moved a massively heavy queen sized bed up our rickety, narrow, spiral marble stairs because he was happy that we had finally decided to stay longer and settle in. This was no small feat and we are still so grateful!

There are so many more wonderful things that could be said about these two, but J and D, in case I can’t choke the words out tonight at your party, I wanted to tell you both that you will be greatly missed.

Thank you for being wonderful examples to everyone that Our Father is worthy of all things…

even your first beautiful apartment overlooking the sea,

even selling/giving most everything away that was in your first home as a married couple,

even if it means going to learn yet another new language and new culture, right after one of you literally just graduated from learning language here,

even if it means saying good-bye to all of your friends here.

We love you and are so proud of you both. We are also so excited for what is ahead for you guys. I know that you will continue to bring joy and peace to everyone around you guys, wherever you go!




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