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Flying with a Family of 7

June 30, 2015

We flew back to our home after a five week trip back to the states. Our trip was awesome, but our flight back was pretty crazy.

We were scheduled to fly out of the airport on Thursday at 1:30pm. Wednesday night at around 1:30am, our 2 year old woke up crying with a fever. She woke up on and off for the rest of the night.

We left for the airport at 9am because it was about an hour and fifteen minute drive from our host home. Our baby cried the entire ride because she was sick and uncomfortable. She also threw up two times in the car. The first time she threw up, I was able to catch it, but the second time, she threw up all over her car seat and her clothes. Thankfully, we were tossing her car seat because we didn’t need it anymore, so this was not a huge set back.

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight. Unfortunately, our family was picked to be thoroughly searched. For some reason, this airport took FOREVER to look through our bags and when they asked me to turn on my laptop, the battery was dead. My husband had to exit the search area to charge my laptop enough to last through the second search. He had to re-enter and get re-searched. During this time, the security officer said that they forgot to pat down the children, so they also had to get a modified pat down. I honestly have gotten so used to being searched, but if you are going to search us, please try to do it in a speedy manner…we are trying to catch a flight!  (All of the other airports that searched us, did it in a very efficient manner. This airport took about double the time). Our baby cried through the whole process because she was feeling miserable. No candy would appease her. I was feeling rather frightened that I was going to have a screaming baby for an international flight!

Thankfully we made it to our airplane just in time and were the last ones to board. Incredibly enough, our baby slept the entire flight! It was awesome! We had two lay overs. When we got to our second lay over, the airline took a long time to figure out our tickets, making us 20 minutes late to our plane! We RAN to our flight and thought for sure the plane had taken off, but miraculously, they were late in boarding and we made it! Phew! On this last flight, our baby threw up again, but slept almost the entire way! When we landed in our home city, it felt really great to know that we didn’t have another plane to catch.

The passport control took us awhile to get through, but I was highly impressed that my husband was able to answer all of the officers questions in the native language here. We had a good laugh when he asked my husband if he was traveling with his students. When we told him that these were actually our five children and not my husband’s students, the officer was amazed. Ha, why in the world would I torture myself by traveling with other people’s children?;)

When we got to the baggage claim, we discovered that the airline lost our stroller. It is not an easy task to carry our 2 year old, 6 back packs, and 5- 50 pound suitcases around a city. We were pretty bummed about the stroller, but had to mentally and physically persevere and get home. After a one hour subway ride and a 15 minute walk through the city, we made it HOME! It feels so good to be back in our apartment.

(They delivered our stroller the next day, however both of the handles were broken off and missing. We are still working with the airline to have it replaced.)




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