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Funny Things from my 2 year old (Part 3)

April 2, 2016

(J is actually 3 now, but I waited too long to post these. She was still 2 when she said these things.)

*After watching the movie Inside Out, J picked up a balloon and said, “Look! This is my CORE MEMORY!” She carried the balloon around the rest of the day and was super careful to guard it from her siblings.

*The laundry machine overflowed one day. As I was cleaning the floor I was pretty annoyed at myself. J came over to help me and loudly proclaimed, “Thank you Jesus!” This was certainly a good reminder for this cranky momma.

*We were going through the turn thingy on the subway after we paid. I passed through with our 2 youngest because they could still ride for free. J turned around and said, “Wow, that was compeeelicated!” (complicated)

*J wanted to help me bake a cake one day. I said, “If you want to help, you have to listen to my directions or you can’t help!” J sweetly looked at me and said, “Ok mommy, should I obey?”

Ah, this girl can certainly steal one’s heart!




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