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Funny Things From My 2 year old (Part 2)

November 8, 2015

Here is my list of recent cute and funny things my 2 year old daughter has said,

1. 10 year old brother Z says, “J…did you poop?!”

Her response, “Yes…no, no, no, Z…DON’T FREAK OUT, mom’s gonna light a candle.”

2. J “danced” with her daddy at a friend’s wedding. The next morning after the wedding, J tells me very sweetly, “Mom, at the  next wedding, I will dance with daddy!”

3. J left me in the living room to play with her siblings upstairs. As she was leaving the room she said, “Who’s gonna watch you Mom? Dad? Will you be ok?!”

4. One night, my husband ordered McD’s for dinner. J turns to me as says, “Yay! Mom, Dad loves us!”




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