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December 30, 2015

Most people assume that my husband and I were naturally good with kids before marriage because we decided to have so many of them. But in reality, we were really inexperienced with children before we had our own. My husband had held one baby before we had our first child. I had only held a few more. And for some unknown reason, we didn’t read any baby books before we had our first baby either. We were also the first among our friends to have a baby. We were so clueless that we didn’t even know the most basic things like how newborns don’t sleep through the night at birth!

Well, we quickly got a huge wake up call. 😉

My husband was recently reminiscing about our first One Thing Conference in Kansas City. Our son was 2 months old and we decided to take a 17 hour road trip to attend. We were such newbies and we really had not taken our son out much up until then. Well, we didn’t think our son was old enough to sit in the stroller, so we went without it. That conference center is insanely huge and we lugged our son around in his car seat the entire 4 days. (note to any non-parent, car seats are very heavy). We were very tired, but maybe we gained some muscle tone those days.

When we returned home, my husband and I decided to finally take a look at our unopened stroller box. And then we both realized, that my wise older sister (who was already a mom), bought us a stroller that attaches to the car seat.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am sharing this funny story to encourage you first time parents…if you know how a stroller works, you are already better off than we were when we became parents! 😉 Hah





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