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How I Turned A Dinner Fail Into A Huge Win (tender gluten-free chicken nugget or chicken finger recipe)

April 7, 2016

I am not known to be the most organized person in the world. My husband has tried to help me along in this area of weakness for the past 14 years and I have made some progress…I think.

My hubs has encouraged me to make a meal plan for years. So this past Sunday before going to the grocery store, I actually tried to scribble down our dinners for the week.

I was pretty proud of myself.

Tonight, I planned to make an Asian stir-fry. I even remembered to pull out the frozen chicken breast early in the day so that it would defrost by dinner.

Well, I chopped up the chicken, pulled out all my veggies, and then I looked in my spice cabinet and as I was searching for our soy sauce, I couldn’t find it. Then I remembered (a little too late) that I had used up all the soy sauce last week. Oops. How can you make a stir-fry WITHOUT SOY SAUCE?! I quickly tried to think of a dinner alternative and my kids suggested tacos. I was about to go that route until I realized that we had no tortillas to wrap the tacos in. Sigh.

As I was staring at the cut up chicken breast for a few minutes, I had the idea try making gluten-free nuggets. The last time I made nuggets, the chicken breast dried out when I was frying them. Much to my family’s misfortune, I tend to overcook chicken breast almost every single time I cook it. I just hate the thought of undercooked chicken, so I overcompensate and cook it too long.

Recently, I decided to look up ways to help me not overcook chicken breast when I am stir-frying it, and now I use this trick for any chicken breast I cook. (In case you are wondering why my family doesn’t just eat chicken thighs to end our dry chicken misery, my family highly prefers white meat over dark meat.)

After trying many different recipes, I made this one up myself. Enjoy 😋

Gluten-Free Tender Chicken Nuggets


[recipe id=”984″]

Because I softened the chicken on the front end, the chicken ended up being quite forgiving and tender, even if I might have over-cooked it. We had some random veggies as sides to compliment the nuggets. 😉

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!

Update: You can also cut the chicken into longer strips for chicken fingers…I made these tonight and my 3 year old kept sneaking her hand in plate each time I tried to take a picture to post! This picture is so much cuter anyway…Too funny😋 


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