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How To Get Your Kids To Practice Something Without Complaining

September 19, 2015

I know I am biased, but I think my husband is an amazing worship leader. I love listening to him sing and play music. I love to sing, but I can’t play any instruments yet. And because I can’t play any instruments yet, I am very determined that all of the kids will. 😉

Recently, my husband agreed to give the older four kids piano lessons. He has always shied away from this because he said that he didn’t want to teach the kids improperly. Since he is mostly self taught, he preferred for them to get proper training from a music teacher. Personally, I feel that if any/all of the children could play as well as my husband one day, I will be overjoyed!

However, he promised to teach the kids piano on the condition that I enforce their practicing.

Well, I had a brilliant idea…

I sat the kids down and told them, “Look guys, if you practice 30 minutes of piano each weekday without complaining, you can play 30 minutes of your video games.” The kids were excited, so every weekday, without any prompting from me, they practice their 30 minutes of piano without complaining.

Their piano skills have improved quite beautifully and I love hearing them practice worship music.

Last week, our language teacher kept encouraging us to practice more at home beyond what she assigns us for homework. I knew the kids weren’t too thrilled by her request, so when we got home from class I announced that if they studied in addition to their homework each day, I would give them 15 minutes of game time for every 20 minutes that they studied.

Well folks, today is SATURDAY and they asked me this morning if they could study language! 😉

I am really loving this new system!

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