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February 24, 2018

Hello friends! I am so excited to share that I wrote an e-book this past year. One day I was sitting at church on a regular Sunday and I felt the Lord say, “Write a book with your story…” Initially, I said, “No way Lord! I don’t have time for that…” But then He said, “Well, your friend Sara wrote two books and she has more kids than you…” Ha, He got me there! Then He started breaking it down very simply for me in my mind, and gave me the idea to just write a simple e-book! It’s just 54 pages, and honestly, for the people who don’t like to read, you can just skip to the middle. 😜

Here is an excerpt from the book, describing the first dream the Lord gave me, inviting us to move our family of 7 overseas.

During this time, on one seemingly ordinary spring night, I had a very clear dream that would steer the course of my family’s lives for the next four years. In the dream, I was inside of a church, kneeling at a place designated for prayer. The speaker had invited people who wanted to respond to the call to go overseas to come to the front and pray. I was sobbing and I said to the Lord, “The Parks are going, the Mitchells are going, I guess I have no excuse…” And I committed our family to go for one year to the Middle East.

Can you sense my enthusiasm even in my dreams?

I woke up from this startling dream around 4 am, in complete shock and panic, as if I had just had a nightmare. But immediately I felt the Lord put one particular nation on my heart. I knew that He was likely calling us to go to this foreign land…

You can download the PDF of my book here.

What a journey of faith, overcoming my many fears, and growing to deeply love a completely foreign country in a way that I never thought was possible.


**Special thanks to my friends at First Days Digital, Eva, Pearl, and Haeme for their loving assistance in helping me pull this together! I am eternally grateful!

**The cover photo was taken in our old city by our friend Logan when he was visiting. Thank you again Logan, you are such a gifted photographer!


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