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Laundry solution for the busy mom

August 5, 2018

There are 7 people normally living in my household and this week I have been taking care of 3 of my nieces and 1 nephew so that my sister and her husband could go on a vacation. My kids have been having a blast! What a blessing to be with family!

Having 9 kids in the house has been surprisingly easy now that they are all in the age range of 5-15😀.

A huge thing that helps keep the peace in my home is chores for the kids. One big chore that they get involved in from the age of about 4, is the laundry. We have a fair amount of laundry in our home between the 7 of us, but I can honestly say that it never gets overwhelming. I am doing our same laundry routine with my nieces and nephew here and it has still been working out really well for all 11 of us!

If you are getting overwhelmed with your laundry pile, gather all of your kids that are 4 and over, and I encourage you to get started today:)

Step 1- Have your kids who are big enough bring the laundry hampers to your laundry area. 

Step 2- I do the wash and put the clothes into the dryer myself, but I have the kids put their hampers away AS SOON as they are empty.

Step 3- When the clothes are dry, I get 1-2 of my kids to grab everything out of the dryer and put them on the sofa or floor. Then all the children gather and FOLD THEIR OWN LAUNDRY and then PUT IT AWAY in their rooms immediately.  (We don’t even own laundry baskets anymore because then the laundry is just prone to sit there unfolded.)


All done:)

Hope this system helps some of the moms out there today❤️



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