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Moms’ getaway and an icebreaker idea

November 15, 2016

I went to a moms’ getaway last week for 2 nights with several of the moms from my homeschool coop. I think it was my 3rd time in 14 years of getting away without the kids! My husband did an excellent job taking care of the kiddos and all 5 were happy and content when I got home. Before I left, my husband made me promise not to concern myself with how many fruits and veggies they ate while I was gone. 😊img_0683

I got a room with a beautiful view. When we arrived, 2 of the women had gifts for each of us! The coordinator of the event made little welcome gift bags with coffee, tea, hand cream, and a bath sponge. Another woman brought us each special natural soap and a pretty hand towel from a new business she began. So sweet! Some people just ooze hospitality, I am trying to learn and grow in this area of my life.


Some of the women actually worked out the first day we were at the hotel. I was thinking, “What? I thought we were on vacation?” For some reason the next morning, I woke up super early, so I too hit the gym. I figured if I worked out, then I could really enjoy eating a lot that day. Haimg_0666

On the first night, we did an ice breaker. I have always kind of been an “old soul” so I don’t tend to like silly ice breakers. Right before the getaway, a random icebreaker idea came to my mind. I had this thought, Why don’t you do an icebreaker by having all the mom’s share a cool story of God’s provision in their life? This way, we could get to know each other and encourage one another at the same time! The mom’s seemed to really enjoy it and I certainly felt encouraged as the women shared different stories of physical healing, monetary provision, and random gifts from the Lord right when you needed it the most! (I am going to do a post later in the week with some testimonies from my own life.)

We had a guest speaker come share with us. She has lived here for 17 years. She said she just wanted to come and encourage us to have peace in the midst of these tumultuous and sometimes fearful days. She was super sweet. She and her husband have been through some seriously hard knocks, but it is always amazing to hear victorious stories about people overcoming major trials well.

I also got to talk to some moms during the getaway about language learning. Those who were fluent all told me that it took them 4-5 years (with some tears) to be comfortable speaking conversationally! I was shocked! They all encouraged me to press through and not give up. 🙌🏼

Overall, the moms’ getaway left me feeling refreshed and encouraged. God is good and in these uncertain times, it is always good to be reminded that with Jesus, there is ALWAYS hope! Here is a gorgeous rainbow that God put in front of our hotel room on our last morning (I am sorry my camera didn’t capture it fully). img_0698





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