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Moms lets keep encouraging one another!

September 25, 2016


I woke up this morning to this comment on my Facebook,

Hi! We don’t know each other, but thank you for sharing your testimony on this blog, I just read it and felt very identified with your story! Something similar happened to me too. And, I also had to feed both of my children using formula & breastmilk, but still felt judged and condemned by those who exclusively breastfeed…But, like you said, after all, everything was great for us! I’m sharing this link too😀.

This young mom is referring to this post I wrote awhile back about breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. My breastfeeding season is behind me now, but I was so touched that my story was able to help this young mom today.

Back when I was 23 and had my first child, I had great difficulty breastfeeding (lack of milk supply, 3 different infections back to back to back), I remember literally crying to my husband saying, “Why is this happening to me? Why is this is so painful?” And I remember him saying, “I don’t know, but maybe God will use your difficulty to help others one day…” I really didn’t want to agree with his answer that day when I was in pain, but as usual…My husband was so right!

Actually, my breastfeeding story has encouraged so many moms that I have met throughout the years who were discouraged in breastfeeding. And although that season of my life was so dreadfully painful at times, I am so grateful that I have been able to encourage new moms when they encounter difficulties as well.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” 

I mean, who can relate to someone whose life seems perfect and everything is in always in order? Often overcoming challenges in our lives is the testimony that encourages those around you.

But something that made me sad about this young mother’s comment is how she said that she, “…still felt judged and condemned by those who exclusively breastfeed.”

This makes me really sad.

It makes me sad because new moms are in such a tender place and often they need encouragement from the other moms around them…I mean even us older moms need encouragement too!

I am not a perfect mom.

I am not saying that I have never been critical or judgmental of others before.

Rather, I am writing from an imperfect place saying…”Who doesn’t need more encouragement in their lives? Moms, let’s encourage one another.”

Today was just a normal day. We went to our Sunday service at our local fellowship. I was just sitting towards the back waiting for service to begin, and in walks this American-looking couple. I smiled and greeted them in English. As the wife and I started talking, we discovered that we both had 5 kids…3 boys and 2 girls! I started getting really excited because she started sharing about how she just graduated her last child and she had homeschooled them most of their lives! She spent some time encouraging me about homeschooling and later she prayed for me before we said good-bye to each other.

When the music started in the service, I started tearing up. And then I thought, “Why am I crying? Have I been discouraged lately? Why was this 20 minute interaction with this older mom so significant to me?”

And then I realized, maybe I have been overthinking too many things lately…

I felt so blessed to just hear this experienced, older mom, tell me things like, “You’re doing a great job…you are on the right track…don’t give up…this time with your kids is so important.”

Moms, we need each other.

Motherhood is such a funny thing sometimes…it rewarding and it is hard, it has many ups and many downs, it brings up our deepest insecurities and creates our greatest joys.

I pray that every mom reading this post would feel encouraged today.

What we are pouring into our kids lives each day really does matter. Even if no one else sees all the hidden things that we do to keep our families running, God sees…He cares.

And moms, if you see another mom today, tomorrow, or any other day, think of some way to bless them…maybe you can give them an encouraging word, a cup of coffee or tea, a hug, a chocolate, etc.

Special blessings upon all of my mom readers today! 😘



(This is a sweet note that I found in my 8 year old daughter’s math book the other day when I was grading her work 😍)

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