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Mother’s Day

May 11, 2015

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration this weekend. I want to blog about my day so that I don’t forget how amazing it was!

My 2 year old woke up at her usual 6 a.m. hour, but my husband surprised me and quickly got up with her and let me sleep in. It was heavenly to sleep until 8! I took a shower and I went downstairs to find hot chocolate bread from the bakery waiting for me (my favorite breakfast here). Under my breakfast plate was money from my husband to go shopping as my Mother’s Day gift! I love shopping here because although it is a big city, clothes are still quite affordable for the common man (most of the clothes I find is cheaper than Target!).

The older kids volunteered as part of my Mother’s Day gift to entertain their 2 year old sibling while I shopped. While they babysat, my husband was in the back cooking the most amazing Korean BBQ on the grill for me! He says he still wants to perfect his recipe, but I think it tastes divine.

I had a fun time shopping, but I tried to take a short cut to one store and ended up lost. After aimlessly walking around for 10 minutes, I decided to make the most of my mishap and walked into this random store that ended up having items that I have been searching weeks for! Surprisingly, the store owner spoke some English and he gave me accurate directions back to where I began, so I ended up finding my way home alright;).

When I returned home, I found the kids all happily playing and while I was gone they wrapped my gifts and made cards. They got me nice hand soap and a fancy knife sharpener because my kitchen knives are very dull (they observed my need for this on their own since they all help me in the kitchen these days).

I had such an amazing Mother’s Day celebration. My husband wrote me this tribute on Facebook and it really made me feel like the most blessed woman in the world:

“Today I honor this amazing woman who is not only raising 5 kids, but she also shows hospitality, washes the feet of the saints, cares for the afflicted, and devotes herself to every good work (1 Tim. 5:10). Happy Mother’s Day!”

I love my family! I am a blessed woman.




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