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Musical talent- a gift to the Body

February 16, 2016

Something that I have been pondering while being overseas is what a genuine GIFT musical talent is to the Body of Christ.



1 Corinthians 14:12 says, “Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church.”

My husband has been leading music in the local language at our fellowship each week. I know I am completely biased, but he is a wonderful musician. I never tire of hearing him sing praise, play the guitar, or the piano. But something that deeply touches my heart is how the local believers have been blessed by his and our other friends musical gifts. Many have shared how the music during service has really helped them encounter the Lord.

I have heard our dear friend Brian Kim say once in a sermon,”You want to be a worship leader? Why don’t you go to a nation and be one of the only worship leaders in the entire nation?!” The depth and reality of his words have never struck me until we actually took the plunge overseas ourselves.

It is such a privilege to sing praises in a language that I am still learning, knowing that I am praising Him in a land where His name is not often sung. Our nation that we now call home has less than 0.01% of believers in the entire country. Among those believers, how many of them have had the opportunity to be trained to help lead music in services each week?

One of my mom friends used to live in a remote area of this country for a few years. She told me that her family used to drive over an hour to find fellowship. When they actually found a small gathering of believers, there was no music during the service because no one could play any instruments or sing well. Thankfully, my friend and her children are all very musically gifted and they were able to help with the weekly services.

I have a dream that one day each of my kids will be able to lead worship.

Not because I want to see them on stage or because I want them to record a CD.

Not because I want them to have something nice to put on their college applications.

But I want each of my kids to have the ability to lead worship so that one day, their gift can build the Body of Christ anywhere that He may lead them.

I don’t know where each of them will be called to on the earth…some may be in America, some may be overseas. But wherever they are, I pray that God will be glorified and if they could lead others to help glorify Him, I will be the proudest mother of all.

But until then…onward with their daily piano practices. 😉






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