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March 23, 2017

Our family has lived in the same apartment since we landed here almost 3 years ago. Our friends had this apartment before us and for some reason, as soon as I saw it, I loved it!

It just felt like home.

Fortunately for us, our friends decided to move out just as we transitioned here, so our move into this apartment was virtually seamless.

We have loved living in this apartment for various reasons. It’s spacious and large enough for our family, the location is excellent, it’s a great price, and it’s very sunny!

Unfortunately we discovered a mild mold problem after about a year of living here. We were able to contain it with some bleach, but our mild mold problem suddenly has become a major mold problem over the past 6 months due to heavy rain this winter (in my opinion). Our entire upstairs ceiling has visible evidence of mold and I have been pretty badly congested for months.

Do you like this abstract piece of art?


One day when I began looking at our moldy bathroom ceiling as kind of pretty because it could be considered abstract art (if it were paint and not mold), the realization hit me that I have a dysfunctional attachment to this apartment and our time here needs to come to a close.😂😂😂

We took the plunge and gave notice to our landlord that we will be moving out by the end of April (we actually have a great relationship with our landlord, so we are really hoping to have a good new landlord wherever we move next). It’s difficult to fix problems like this during the rainy winter and because the buildings here are so old, mold is a common problem.

My husband and I have been very actively apartment hunting and it is getting pretty taxing. Of course in the beginning I was super excited to be looking for our next apartment, but it isn’t easy finding a good, non-moldy, larger apartment, in this area of our major city for our larger family. Not to mention, landlords aren’t exactly excited when we tell them we have 5 kids!

Here are some other random observations about this apartment search (in no particular order):

  1. My husband’s language proficiency is way better than mine, but he is still learning, so often he only understands like 90% of what the realtor is saying…afterwards we usually have a good laugh about the other 10% he could have missed, hoping that it wasn’t too important!
  2. The system here is very different from what we are used to in the states. They use realtors for apartment leases and the hefty realtor fee is paid for by the RENTER.
  3. My language helper has been a HUGE help in calling realtors for us. With her help, we have discovered that basically almost every apartment that we have been interested in is no longer available…yet it is still listed on the website…AS AVAILABLE. 😩
  4. I can tell my language is slowly getting better because I actually understand the realtors sometimes without my husband translating. Also, one day I overheard (and understood) my language helper on the phone telling one realtor that we have 5 kids. Then immediately, I heard her reassuring them that although we have 5 kids, they are all very well behaved. 😇😇😇😇😇
  5. You cover much less ground when you don’t have a car. One day we walked around for 3 hours and only got to see 2 apartments.
  6. Sunny days are much nicer to go apartment searching…or for anything really…I love spring.
  7. Overall though, apartment hunting has still been pretty fun because my husband and I have made the most of it by having quick dates at the many, many, many cafes here afterwards. It’s been really nice spending so much extra time with him outside of our apartment. 😍

8. Although these extra dates have been precious, we would all really love to find a good new apartment for our family immediately.

If any of my readers would lift up a quick prayer for us concerning this, I would be SO SO grateful. Thank you!


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