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Road Tripping- Part 2

July 28, 2016

We are currently in last portion of our epic road trip! We are still loving every day we are here in America.IMG_8499

It has been SO MUCH FUN reconnecting with old friends. We have been so blessed by the hospitality and generosity of our family and friends. It’s not easy for most people to host our large family of 7, but so many people have opened up their homes and kitchens to our family!

Here are some things (in no particular order) that I have been so blessed by on this trip:

  1. I already said this, but awesome family and friends:)
  2. One of our super generous friends loaned us their minivan for 3 weeks. They detailed it for us and when I picked it up at their home, I found out that they were paying for a smaller rental car for the husband to drive so that we could use their van!😢
  3. Doctor friends who helped us get eye exams, dental exams, and physicals for our family.
  4. Friends who hosted gatherings for us so that we could connect with them and more friends.
  5. The endless delicious meals that family and friends have cooked or bought for us. IMG_8755
  6. Two of our friends took our family to Six Flags Great Adventure. It was the first time my kids had been to an amusement park and we all had a blast!IMG_8711
  7. Fun-filled beach days, pool days, library days, and normal days with my family. The kids always have such fun with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.
  8. One of our friends closed on their home just before we came to their area. They let us sleep in their new home before they even got to sleep there and stayed at their parents home so that we could have the whole house to ourselves at night.
  9. Friends who have showered us with gifts.
  10. Friends who believe in us and regularly pray for our family. It is such a blessing to go over to someone’s home and they have pictures of our family up as a reminder to pray for us. We even had one friend who had her wall decorated with clocks that were set to different time zones so that she would be reminded to pray for her friends around the world. Isn’t this a beautiful wall? I want one in my home…IMG_8617


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