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Seasons of Friendship

July 26, 2015

I am planning a party that no one is looking forward to attending.

It is a going away party for two friends who are very dear to our whole family. God has called them to a different home and it is a very sad time for our family and our friends here. They will be deeply missed.

They are friends who came to my rescue when my family had the stomach bug and I was tending to all 5 children alone because my husband was also sick in bed. Our electricity went out, so K came to bring me candles. Right before she arrived, my baby was vomiting all over the floor, but it was too dark in our house for me to clean up. My cell phone battery just died and I had no other flashlight. It was one of the darkest (literally), most pathetic moments of my life. K came in with the candles and I insisted that she leave because I didn’t want her to catch the nasty flu too. But when she saw how pathetic everything was, she said, “No, no..I can’t leave you like this…” She held my baby while I cleaned up vomit by candlelight. We sat chatting, waiting for her soon to be husband to come to fix our electricity. Then we all sat around and talked for about an hour, which definitely lifted mine and the kids spirits.

They are friends who met here, dated here, got engaged here (all in this past year) and we counseled them through it. My husband officiated their beautiful wedding several weeks ago. We have cooked together, eaten together, gone to the park together, and have just done overall life together.

An important lesson God has taught me in my life has been about the different seasons of friendship. There are seasons where dear friends are daily in our lives and seasons where one of you may move away. But in every season, you still hold them in your heart and you love them the same, even if you can’t talk to them or see them as much.

God has taught me that even if you and your friend(s) are apart, that He can stretch your hearts across the ocean once again. No one can replace them in your heart and no one will replace you in their hearts. God just makes our hearts bigger again for new friendships to be formed.

K and S, we will miss you dearly. We are so proud of your obedience to the Lord. As you say “yes” to Him again, and move to a new home, in a new land, and a new culture, I hope that you know that you will always be in our hearts. May the Lord richly bless you with new friendships. I have no doubt that you guys will be a tremendous blessing to all of those around you as you open up your hearts once again.


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