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Simple Gluten-Free Cinnamon Apples

March 31, 2016

My kids and I love sweet, crispy apples.

We hate soft, mushy apples. But for whatever reason, it is so difficult for me to find good, crunchy apples here! I use the same apple picking technique that I used to in America at the grocery store, but 8/10 times, the apples I pick are seemingly hard on the outside and end up being mushy on the inside. This is super frustrating.

Recently, we have been doing a gluten-free diet for one of my sons. He has been having some health issues that have led us to try this diet for a season. For breakfasts, I was trying to get the kids to eat apples and peanut butter. This didn’t work out too well when we cut the apples open and found them to be soft and unpalatable. These apples would either end up in the trash or I would try to muster up energy to make apple bread (which is fine for the gluten eating family members, but sad for my one son who is trying the gluten-free diet).

The other day, my 2nd son had a brilliant idea. He asked if he could pan fry the apples in butter and sprinkle cinnamon over them. The soft apples prepared this way are delicious and the whole family enjoys them! Gluten-free and no added sugar:)


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