Overseas Life

Spring is coming…

March 8, 2016


Today was such a good day.

The sun was beautifully shining through the windows to beckon us to arise. We all woke up in a good mood.

Our language homework was short and I was able to finish it in 30 minutes. It only took the kids about 10 minutes because they understand the language way better than I do, but 30 minutes is still progress.

The kids finished their homeschooling a bit early, so I actually pulled us together and we went to the park! This is sadly a huge accomplishment for me. I always have to psych myself up to go to the park because it is a good 15-20 minute walk each way from our apartment. The sidewalks are so narrow and bumpy, it isn’t that easy to navigate the stroller and have 4 other kids in tow.

But we all had a great time at the park and the weather literally could not have been more beautiful!

Then my husband and I spent our evening sharing part of our testimony with a large group of young adults who are all considering moving overseas themselves. It was a such an encouragement for me to see such eager, beautiful hearts.

What a blessed day.


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