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Thankful Tuesday

March 17, 2015

When we moved to our new apartment, we were blessed to find a used dryer to purchase! This was a huge miracle because most people here hang dry all of their clothes. This country’s dryers differ from American ones because there is no tube that leads the moisture outside, instead all of the water from clothing collects in a plastic tank that needs to be emptied after one or two loads.

Upon purchasing the dryer, my husband advised me to dump the tank water out after every load so that it doesn’t overflow. I do a lot of laundry with 5 kids and I always found it easier to just empty the water out after every 2 loads when the tank is almost full, rather than when it is just half-full.

Well, the other day, the dryer tank overflowed. In my not so detail-oriented mind, I thought I only ran 2 loads, but maybe I did 3? Unfortunately when I pulled the tank out and began mopping up the water, I noticed a small part broke off because of the heavy weight of the overflowing tank!

Guess who had to confess her carelessness to her husband and request him to try to fix it?

My poor husband spent 3-4 hours after work taking our little dryer apart in attempt to fix my error. I am so thankful for my handy husband and for his patience and love for me. 🙂

I am also so thankful for our faithful dryer. Hopefully it will work with no more mishaps on my part! I know I am spoiled, but I really prefer to have a dryer. I had to do laundry without a dryer for several weeks last year on a short-term trip and it was so time consuming and frustrating…do you know what it is like to hang dry socks when your family wears 7 pairs PER DAY?! It is as un-awesome as it sounds and although I have no medical evidence, I am convinced that it could eventually drive a person insane;)



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    March 17, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    When we went to Korea 3 years ago, we had to hang dry everything (there were 9 of us). Our clothes were always stiff and there were clothes hanging everywhere. I am thankful that you have a dryer!!! 🙂

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