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Three New Dishwashers

August 10, 2015


Have you ever heard the saying, “Many hands make light work”?

I was thinking about the truth behind these words yesterday and how blessed I am as a parent to 5 kiddos (which means 10 helping hands…actually it is more like 8 helping hands and a 2 year old who makes lots of messes.)

When we first moved here, my husband and I thought that we could never live without a dishwasher. This was one of the first things on our “to buy” list. Our family goes through a ton of dishes with 7 people. Homeschooling the kids adds even more dishes used throughout the day! I never had the kids help me with the dishes because in our last home, our kitchen floors were tiled and the kids broke almost every drinking glass we owned, plus some plates and bowls (I intentionally got rid of all of our plastic dishware back then). We now live in an apartment and because I really love having a clothes dryer, the dishwasher idea had to get kicked to the curb.

One day, I was doing the dishes AGAIN in our little kitchen sink (our kitchen sink is only slightly bigger than a bathroom sink for some reason) and I literally thought I was going to go crazy. Even though I “know” that I should be thankful and should consider myself blessed because dirty dishes indicates that we have food on the table…I was not feeling very thankful. Then I had the amazing thought, “Who cares if some of the dishes get broken…the boys are old enough to help me do the dishes!”

So from that day on, my life was changed for the better and three new dishwashers were trained and utilized!;) Now my 10, 11, and 12 year olds are in charge of the dishes for each meal and I am in charge of the pots and pans. I am so thankful for my boys help!

We have in fact lost 8 plates this past year, but I think those were all broken in transit from the dining room table to the kitchen sink. 😉

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