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When I am faithless, He is still faithful

April 5, 2017

I am reflecting on God’s goodness today while listening to this song by Jon Thurlow, Eyes of Mercy. It’s so good, please listen to it if you need a boost of encouragement!

We have wonderful news! We found a new apartment and got the keys yesterday!

Just when my husband and I had hit rock bottom in our apartment search and thought that we had exhausted all the apartment options out there (with the things that we wanted), God pulled us through…BIG TIME.

Thank you Jesus!

(I know I am sounding very dramatic right now, but this is honestly how I felt).

In case you missed my last post, our family has been on the search for a new apartment this whole past month (Has it only been one month since we started looking?!)

When we began this process, my husband and I had NO IDEA how challenging this task would be. Trying to find good housing in this part of an old city that is newer (so that it would follow earthquake regulations), non-moldy, big enough for our large family, near a park, AND in our budget was a way way way bigger undertaking than we had originally thought.

After seeing many apartments, we even briefly considered trying to renovate the moldy rooms in our current rental apartment (with our own funds) because we began to wonder if our move was an out of reach dream…We got to the point where we were seriously considering asking our landlord to extend our current lease, but then I would look at our moldy ceiling and feel so depressed! I really did not want to live in this apartment another month!

During almost all of my husband’s spare time, we were either searching the internet looking for places, walking around to look, or discussing what we could compromise on in our future apartment.

The first apartment we wanted, accepted our offer, but then backed out the day we were going to sign the lease because the landlord decided to sell it instead. We were disappointed, but since it was just 2 weeks into our search, we were still optimistic.

The second apartment we wanted turned us down because we had too many children for their 4 bedroom apartment. This was disheartening for sure. We do have a rather large family, especially for city life. But couldn’t they just see how wonderful our children are?! Just look at their handsome and beautiful faces!


We hesitated too long on the third apartment we tried to offer on. The main reason we were so unsure is because it was quite small for our family size, but the location was excellent. We were going to make it work by buying bunk beds for the kids and cramming their desks into the living room. When we finally felt ready to put in an offer on the apartment, we found out that there was a person that got it right before us, so we missed out.

We met one enthusiastic, kind realtor who showed us one house that he had listed. It was a pretty cool space, but when I looked out the kitchen window at the area that would be the tiny garden space (about 4-6 ft from the actual house), I noticed 2 large rats about to come into the garden! When they saw me, they turned around and scurried off. I knew I hit an all time low when I was still considering this house, even after I saw those rats up close!

This pretty much brought my husband and I to a pretty desperate point. We decided to start looking more at older apartments and take our chances on the possibility of mold (we know some moldy apartments where the landlords just take care of the mold by simply painting over it). But even this became pretty disheartening after looking at several places, since all the older apartments were still quite pricey and not very nice.

Three days before we found our new apartment, I was so discouraged. I emailed a bunch of friends and asked them to pray for us.

Then randomly a different friend emailed me a vivid dream she had of me. The dream prompted her to ask me, “Is there anything you need right now?” I responded, “YES! Please please pray that we find a new apartment soon!” It definitely encouraged my depressed heart that the Lord would prompt a friend to reach out to me across the oceans with such concern and love. 😘

This same day my husband decided to make one last ditch effort by just walking around one street that is next to a park that we enjoy. He noticed a sign that there was an apartment available in this building where we previously thought had no vacancies. He took a chance and walked into the office and actually met the landlord! The landlord said that he had one more rental unit in our budget available! My husband eagerly looked at the apartment and called me and the kids to quickly walk over and take a look. I have never walked so fast in my life. 😂

This apartment has literally everything we were praying for. On top of this, the landlord absolutely loved the kids! He literally chuckled with joy when he looked at them and blessed us for having such a large family! This was like a huge kiss from Our Father!

We signed the papers and got the new keys yesterday. On top of how incredibly blessed we are, God helped us save well over a thousand dollars on this apartment because there was no realtor involved!

We get to move in at the end of the month and we cannot be more thrilled!

Thank you for all who prayed for us! We so appreciate the love and support.

This whole process makes me seriously reflect about how weak, ridiculous, dramatic, and faithless I can be, but despite my weakness He is SO FAITHFUL!

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

We are all so blown away by God’s faithfulness and kindness to us. 💜💙💚💛❤️









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