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When your son begs you to cook…

March 8, 2018

Since we have a minivan now, my kids never come grocery shopping with me. While we lived overseas, they rotated this chore of accompanying me to the store because I could not possibly carry all of our family groceries by myself!

Today, my 3rd son wanted to go grocery shopping with me to look around. While we were there, I started putting all the Trader Joe’s pre-made foods we have been eating lately in the cart. Confession, I have NOT been cooking. We have been eating pre-made foods from TJ’s and Costco or I have been making random meat in the fabulous Instant Pot that my sister gave me for Christmas.

I mean America has so many incredible pre-made food options! Like, Gluten Free Brownies, can you blame me?

When my son saw our cart, he had this horrified look on his face. He said, “Mom seriously, are you ever going to cook from scratch again?! I hate all the pasta dishes you make here. The jarred sauce does not taste good! Don’t you want to use fresh tomatoes again and make your own sauce? Please can you just buy some fresh basil and make us pasta sauce like you used to?”

I was so surprised! I didn’t realize my kids actually missed my cooking! Haha

I have been cooking mostly for 16 years. And in this past season, I made 2-3 meals a day from scratch. I don’t actually enjoy cooking yet, sadly. I really just do it for our budget, our health, and hospitality. But today, my son has spoken, so I put fresh stuff into my cart instead.

I need a new cooking rhythm. If you have some easy gluten free recipes, please pass them my way.

At least tonight, I actually cooked an old favorite for them. 😊

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